Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


I am a 58 year old mum and grandmother who was feeling more and more unfit the older my granddaughter became ( she is almost 5 now!) . I knew I had to do something but was a bit unsure of both what to do and my abilities. This coincided with Caroline posting on Facebook that she was planning on starting an over 55s fitness group. I bit the bullet. Perhaps the hardest part was going to meet Caroline for a pre course chat but she was charming  ( and didn't make me stand on scale- that  choice was left to me.)  I was very apprehensive prior to the first session but came away full of enthusiasm , albeit with a bit shaky legs! I have been going for almost 5 months now and notice my overall fitness much improved. I can chase my granddaughter and walk up hill without getting out of breath and my strength has improved. Moving furniture is easy! I have lost a bit of weight but that wasn't the goal for me ( although I could do with it!) it was the overall fitness and sense of satisfaction that I wanted and feel I have achieved. Caroline is great. She never makes you do thinks you can't do but she does encourage you to challenge your perceptions of what you are able to achieve! I continue to enjoy each session and notice both the changes physically and in my attitude and for that reason intend to continue as long as possible! 


I have been training with Caroline for about a year and a half now and absolutely love my sessions with her.  I have always done some sort of fitness and really enjoy the personal touches Caroline works into the training sessions.  Your programme is tailored to you but you still have the enjoyable experience of working alongside a small group of individuals in your group.  I think this helps with the motivation.  Caroline always encourages feedback from you on a regular basis to make sure she is helping you work towards your goals and I have seen a big improvement in my strength, core and stamina since working with her.  On top of that she is a really nice person and easy to talk to about your fitness needs.  I would not hesitate in recommending her.


I started out by looking in the mirror and I just felt ashamed of how I looked; of how I let myself get so out of shape. The choice to join Personal Training wasn’t hard, I knew I needed guidance. I would go to the gym and stare at the equipment; trying to figure out what one would help. My lack of knowledge had me stuck to the treadmill, hoping to lose the weight by simply running.
I came across a Facebook notification that a friend had liked and it was a post from CZ Fitness.  Meeting Caroline allowed me to let go of some of the shame and finally accept that I might be this weight now but it’s not the weight I’ll be from this point on.
At first, I was a bit apprehensive joining a PT class - I didn’t know if I wanted to join a group. I’d just come to terms with my weight and I didn’t want to show others that I couldn’t keep up.  In reality, I felt welcomed.  We had our own plan that catered to us as individuals, so there was no competition or the pressure to finish first. I most enjoy receiving new workout plans and seeing how far I can push myself. Now I when I look in the mirror, I’m not ashamed of who I am. I’m still critical of my image and I’ve got a long way to go, but I know I’m doing something about it. With CZ Fitness and the help of Caroline, I see the difference in my body and I feel the difference in my attitude


I started group PT with Caroline when she 1st set up CZ fitness.
I was already running regularly and dipping in and out of classes or the gym so I was quite fit but really wanted something to compliment my running and help with marathon training.
I originally started with 2 sessions a week as I wasn’t confident enough in the gym to go do my own thing, but now I go once to group pt and work out at home using one of the many programs that I have and am confident to mix things up and make my own routines.
I love the group PT’s we have a fab bunch and we have so much fun, holding a plank while laughing is actually very hard!!! 
Caroline is a great PT, really knows her stuff, comes up with great programmes that are always challenging me in different ways, she is always approachable when I need advice or reassurance, takes me moaning at her with a pinch of salt and always knows when to push me.
Since starting with Caroline I have changed my body shape, become so much stronger than I ever thought I could be, have a good understanding of exercise technique and more clued up on nutrition. 
This has all lead to me being a stronger runner, my pace has improved greatly and have had PB’s in all races over the past year. 


I decided to join Caroline’s PT 2 years ago, after a year of continual niggles/injuries from running. With her help, advice and programme tailored to my needs, I’ve spent the last 18 months injury free! Last year with her help and advice I completed 2 marathons, and an ultra, and all the training that goes along with them, feeling stronger than ever before. Her patience and advice has been invaluable, the group PT sessions are great fun, but hard work too. She is motivating, passionate about fitness, nutrition, and strength training too. Just keep pushing me please CZ!